Tasty baked product made with flour, water, salt, sourdough for growth and a generous brush of olive oil to brown it. The Ligurian snack par excellence, which is good at all hours, an indispensable habit for many. The most loved in Spezia is the "triangle", but how not to taste it in all variations: dry, with onion, sage, cheese ...




 Dish symbol of La Spezia. Named in the plural because they are too good to stop at one. The recipe originates in the Val di Magra, when nothing was thrown away and the leftover bread dough was cut into diamonds and fried. These golden and crispy sandwiches are great with a sprinkling of salt or stuffed wi

th local delicacies.





 Ancient food almost forgotten in this part of Liguria. Younger sister of farinata, no less tasty, it is prepared by frying chickpea polenta sticks and one leads to another. Also excellent in bread seasoned with pepper and lemon.




Delicious fried ravioli, stuffed with herbs and cheese, prepared following the historic Levante recipe.




 Tipicissima “torta” bassa,preparata con farina di ceci,acqua,olio extravergine di oliva e sale. Si gusta calda con una spolverata di pepe, in mezzo ad un pezzo di focaccia ligure o anche farcita in varianti appetitose.




Typical low "cake", prepared with chickpea flour, water, extra virgin olive oil and salt. It can be enjoyed hot with a sprinkling of pepper, in the middle of a piece of Ligurian focaccia or even stuffed in appetizing variations.




Mixed sea rolls. In a crunchy and fragrant batter anchovies of Monterosso, red mullet, cod and fried Gulf muscles choosing for you the best oil confirming taste and lightness.





  Traditional doughs made of seasonal vegetables (chard, wild herbs, pumpkin, artichokes, zucchini), rice or potatoes, fresh cheese, eggs, aromatic herbs and spices. Wrapped in a thin wholemeal sheet and baked or faster in a pan, they are a fresh and genuine meal.


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